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About the project

This website maintains a list of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the current war, on the basis of public reports of deaths. These include announcements by local authorities, Ukrainian media, posts by relatives on social media, monuments to the dead. Missing soldiers are not counted.

All names included in the list are sourced. As only data that is available online is considered, the real level of losses is estimated to be considerably higher. In particular, available data is scarce for large cities, Transcarpathia, and most localities in the east and south; as a result, the casualties listed here are likely only a fraction of the real toll.

Data is also available by region, rank, age and military unit, although some reports did not include this information. In the future, it is planned to include more information, such as when a soldier joined the army / was mobilized, or the branch he served in. More detailed statistics will also be offered.

Given the scope of this project and the volume of data to be processed, there will certainly be errors and obituaries that were missed. Users are invited to notify the team of such errors - a dedicated process for this is being considered.

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